Style Inspiration from Your Favorite Films and TV Shows

I keep seeing the most unique ways of styling yourself on social media. There have been clips of people dressing themselves in the style of their favorite TV show or movie. I think this the most fabulous thing I have ever seen. It really shows the influence that your favorite media can have on your personal style. The best part is that it doesn’t have to be a costume. You just take elements of your favorite character’s style and incorporate them into your outfit for the day. I thought it would be fun for me to do this with some of my favorite things to show you how easy it can be!


Wes Anderson

I love Wes Anderson. His use of symmetry and attention to detail really make you feel immersed into these worlds he creates. He does an amazing job of being timeless yet contemporary. I know that a lot of people associate the twee girl aesthetic with his perfectly symmetric films, but there are so many other styles found in his works. Gwyneth Paltrow in The Royal Tenenbaums reminds me so much of the style of the Olsen twins from the mid-2000s. I like to think of it as old money grunge. Like wearing your grandmother’s beat-up Birkin bag, with a fur coat, and a polo from a thrift store. Then you have Anjelica Huston as Eleanor in The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou. She has some of the most impressive pieces of jewelry in any Wes Anderson film. She has a classic way of dressing that really lets her pieces be the focal point of the outfits. I also love that every piece of jewelry she wears invokes the ocean in one form or another.

Channeling my inner Wes Anderson

When I think of Wes Anderson as a style inspiration the most important thing that comes to mind are the details. Just as in his films, no detail is too small to overlook. I chose to channel Eleanor from The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou. It was an easy choice since her accessories are on point and I love a good statement necklace. I chose something that was more casual. I paired a white blouse with navy pants, and some white leather sandals. Since Eleanor’s jewelry always invoked the ocean, I wore a massive turquoise and faux coral necklace with a gold chain. This piece from the 1990s has a real punch of color with the vibrant red and blue against the white top. My bracelets are Givenchy Paris from the 1980s and are fab. The gold art deco motif helps add interest at my wrist and brings the gold from the necklace into the rest of my look. No look is complete without a bag, and this oversized envelope clutch matches so well with this look without competing with the statement necklace. The midcentury bag is navy leather with gold hardware.


Sex and the City

Sex and the City is a show that gives you so many options. The best part of the show is that there are different characters that cover different style choices that can fit anyone’s taste. Charlotte is the classic prep. When I think of her, I always think of sweater sets and tennis whites. It almost makes me want to go to a J. Crew to get that same feel, almost. Her engagement ring Trey gave her also invokes this style with a traditional solitaire from Tiffany, of course. Samantha is in charge of her own destiny and fun. Her style is sexy but powerful, you respect her and want to be her. She wears outfits that show off her assets. I always think of her in red because I think Kim Cattrell looks amazing in the color. Miranda is a serious business woman, and her style shows that off. You see that in her suits and no frills jewelry. Although, her style has evolved over the course of the show to be more modern rather than dull. Carrie has a style that is hard to pin down. I think the best way to see her is as eclectic but fashion forward. I love her choice in jewelry from the black engagement ring to her Carrie necklace that she lost in Paris, and I would kill for that Versace dress.

Channeling my inner Sex and the City

Sex and the City has so many fashion moments that are unforgettable. I love Carrie’s style the most, especially the early seasons. I have chosen to channel Carrie with this little black dress, is there anymore more New York than a LBD? I chose this bag since it was something that I thought Carrie would drool over since it is by Dominique Aurientis. It’s bright with its teal leather and gold details and the look can be built around it. The gold filigree and glittering crystals add a touch of fun to this classic look. I chose a gold cuff with pavé rhinestones which continues the style from the bag. I wanted to do a longer necklace to add more interest at my neck so I chose this piece from the 1990s with rhinestone details. I finished the look with oversized sunglasses and gold shoes. I think Carrie would be proud.


Emily in Paris

Emily in Paris is a guilty pleasure, and I can’t get enough of it. I love the idea of this cute little American career woman going to Paris and charming everyone she can. It is cute and a great show to watch while having a Bordeaux with friends. I love her fashion! A good beret, a statement coat, and we CANNOT forget all that Chanel. That is the Paris experience I want, baguettes, cute men, and fashion.

Channeling my inner Emily in Paris

How could I not go with Emily as my inspiration for this look? She just makes you want to see the world in a fun, new way. I chose this classic tuxedo shirt dress because I love the bow. I had to pair it with a pearl studded beret. It just screams Emily during her first week in Paris. I chose a double chained YSL golden cuff and a chunky gold ribbed cuff for some interest at the wrist. I pulled a 1980s black satin Judith Leiber with tassels for the bag and finished it with some boots. I love this look! It’s fun, fresh, and youthful- just like Emily. 


When it comes to styling yourself it doesn’t have to be hard! As you can see from this post it can be done easily by breaking down the style of your favorite character and working that into your outfit. The best part is that you won’t look like you are going to a costume party when you treat the character as a starting point, rather than just mimicking the look completely. The most important part of all this is making sure you have fun while doing it! Until next time, STAY GORG!

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