A Behind the Scenes Look at KD Trunk Shows

I love doing trunk shows on Instagram! They are a great way to connect with all of you in a fun, interactive way. I thought it would be fun to talk about how I get ready and what goes on behind the scenes. 

Cocktail Espresso Martini

My pre-show drink of choice: an espresso martini

You've heard the expression "But first, coffee" -- and that applies to my first order of business when preparing for a trunk show. Since I often host the shows in the late afternoon or evening, I like to treat myself to an espresso martini. We are fans of Mr. Black coffee liquor, since you only need to add espresso and it's cocktail hour. If you aren’t a cocktail drinker, you can always pour a glass of a seasonal wine. I  love a crisp rosé or Sancerre for the hot summer months, and a full bodied Amarone or Zin for the colder months.  

It may come as a surprise, but I'm actually a bit camera shy. I've gotten more comfortable "going live" than when I first started doing trunk shows, but it's taken a lot of practice, trial and error, and a strong cocktail doesn't hurt either.  These shows gives me a chance to chat with you all in real time and get to know you. It really feels like friends getting together to gossip and have a drink or two.

Vintage Designer Jewelry

Image from one of my Instagram trunk shows

The second most important thing about doing a trunk show is finding a theme. It can be overwhelming for yourself and your audience if you are all over the place. A theme can keep your show cohesive and balanced. These themes can range from what pieces to pack for a beach trip to jewelry trends from the 90s. It is important to find things that interest you and speak to your audience. I've done  a designer showcase featuring vintage Chanel pieces, Givenchy bracelets, and YSL earrings to name a few things. The point is, don’t get overwhelmed! If you can’t think of anything super creative, don’t get discouraged! A simple theme can still be fun, the main goal is to keep you from doing too much.

Chanel Jewelry

Setting up for a show in Naples, Florida.

The hardest thing for me in all of this is that I fall in love with my pieces all over again. When I source my pieces I have what I call the fabulous test. If I see a piece and it doesn’t make me say, “Oh now that is fab!” Then I do not include it in the KD collection. That being said, it means there are a lot of things that I offer for sale on trunk shows that I’m tempted to keep them for myself. I can’t do that, otherwise I would run out of room for Jim in our apartment and I have grown pretty fond of him. It does make it easier to say goodbye to pieces knowing they are going to homes that will cherish and make new memories with them. Last year, a friend was watching a trunk show and realized that she hated the earrings she had for her wedding day. She fell in love with a pair of vintage Swarovski pearl and crystal chandelier earrings. She bought them and they looked stunning with her gown. It still warms my heart to know that I was able to be a part of helping her find something that made her really happy. So make sure you tag me on Instagram with all your fun looks sporting KD jewelry so I can see how stunning you look.  

Designer Jewelry

Getting ready to pack orders after a successful trunk show

Thank you all for allowing my pieces to be a part of your collections. I love the bonds that we have formed doing the trunk shows and look forward to making new friends with each of you. If there are any themes you’d like to see me do in one of my shows, let me know!

Until next time,


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