KD Travels: Tips and Tricks to Look Fab

 When I think about warm weather, there is one thing that always excites me: vacation season. There is something so wonderful about being able to fly off somewhere, far from all my responsibilities and unwind. A couple weeks ago I was able to go to Palm Beach and had the most amazing time. While packing, I received a text from my mom who was joining us, asking what I was packing and if I thought she was bringing too much. That conversation led me to realize I have packing down to a science. So here are my KD tips on how to pack for your next trip.


It would be easy for me to wax poetic about the need for suitcases that are spacious while being lightweight. Let’s be honest, no one is lugging around steamer trunks. Can you imagine the baggage fee if you tried to check a trunk? No thanks, I need that money for cocktails and souvenirs. I have a cream set from Paravel, which I love because it's lightweight and the company is eco-friendly. I will instead focus on the parts of my arsenal that you may have not thought about when it comes to travel: jewelry cases.

I bought my jewelry rolls when I was in high school and they have stood the test of time. I like using silk jewelry rolls because they are compact and the material won’t damage your pieces during travel. Construction is important! I know it is easy to see a case at the store that may be cheaper but check the seams and the way the material feels. If the piece doesn’t feel luxe or the seams are barely holding it together, don’t buy it. You’ll be lucky if your case makes it through your trip, let alone lasts for years. So, invest in something that will stand the test of time! When packing, always take a couple extra rolls and a packable duffle. You never know what treasures you may find during your trip.

Travel Jewelry Case

 My trusty jewelry roll has stood the test of time.

What to Pack



When it comes to packing, I tend to try and be practical but also stylish. If you have visions of having some romantic Carrie Bradshaw moment in a ball gown, I hate to break it to you but it’s not going to happen. That dress of your dreams is going to be a rumpled mess that won’t be wearable without professional intervention. I always do a steam test before I pack an outfit. If I am not sure how an outfit will travel, I fold it and place a book on it for a day. I then take the outfit and hang it up in the bathroom while taking a hot shower. If a steamy shower can’t make it presentable, then the outfit is destined to be a city-only look.




Vintage designer jewelry

An omega gold collar necklace is versatile for any travel look.

It can be easy to over pack jewelry — I say this from experience. I understand the desire to bring unique jewelry for each look, but that is only going to weigh your suitcase down and take up precious space. So, instead aim for focused versatility. I like to pack a mix of layer-able gold pieces and a few luxe pieces for flair. My go-to versatile piece is a gold omega collar necklace. This is a piece that can go from day to night and be layered or stand alone. So always ask yourself how versatile your jewelry is before you pack it. We don’t want to give up valuable space in your jewelry case to something that is going to be a one outfit look. Also avoid anything delicate because luggage can be treated very roughly, and you don’t want to lose an heirloom to a mishandled bag.

Designer Panetta Gold Diamond Rhinestone Necklace

 Necklaces like this Panetta Gold Rhinestone number are perfect for layering


designer accessories

A fun belt can pull double duty as a statement necklace.

Always make sure you think about those finishing touches for your look. I’m of course talking about bags, and belts. Again, aim for versatility when choosing these pieces. I like to take a larger shopper in a neutral color for market and beach days and a metallic clutch for evening looks. I usually bring a gold clutch since it will match my jewelry, since I’m always and forever a gold girl. Belts are something I used to forget to pack, but you should never leave home without one. I bring a vintage, gold one on every trip. Because again, it is versatile and can easily be worn with a sundress or a cocktail dress.

Designer clutch

A gold clutch is the perfect evening bag to complement my sister's amazing dress.

I think the biggest thing to keep in mind is versatility. You don’t want to take up too much and not have room for all the souvenirs you’ll find! So be practical with your choices from your jewelry to your clothes and you’re sure to have a fab time!


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